Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


1Do you work with Customs Agencies in the United States? If so, which ones?
Yes. We have a business relationship with Global Trade and M Border, but we can work with the Customs Agency of your preference.
2If I have transportation services with other people, can I still work with you?
Yes, you can. Grupo LOGIX has its own transportation service, but we can work with the transportation that the customer chooses.
3Do you have a Distributor?
Yes. We have Distributor service for customers who require it. The distributor has specific authorized sectoral registers.
4Do your customers have web access to their inventory and operations in real-time?
We are always looking to improve our services. At this time, we are working with a new platform that will allow real-time tracking of your operations. Our goal is to give the best possible service to our customers.
5Do your transportation units have GPS?
All our transportation units have GPS and are monitored from our office through the "Monsat" portal, which allows us to know exactly where they are and if the transport has followed the established route.

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