We have developed expertise in sensitive products.

These are the industrial sectors in which our specialization has made us strong.

Grupo Logix handles all types of goods, but more than 19 years of practice have led us to acquire experience in certain types considered as sensitive (footwear, textiles, wood, cosmetics) and to concentrate in niche markets.



We carry out the classification and importation of large dimension machinery for marine projects and constructions.

At the request of the customer, service of inspection and classification of said machinery starting from the address of the supplier throughout the USA is available.


Grupo Logix has mastered the handling of footwear and its derivatives, and the verification of brand authenticity and import license.

Merchandise is monitored inside Customs and, through our Transportation Service, distributed to the places designated by the customer.


Grupo Logix is a pioneer in this type of operations. We offer import services for vehicles and tractors, through distributors;

And facilitate procedures for the taxpayer for the permanent import of new, used, and special-use vehicles.


There is a consultant particularly dedicated to this field, which allows us to carry out large-scale imports of timber product parts and derivatives.

As well as provide our customers with the necessary permits such as preparing the Sales Record, and manage the transportation logistics by sea, by rail and, through our Transportation Service, by land.


We have specialized in large-scale equipment operations, AOG's, urgent merchandise and of great value.

Operations for national airlines are carried out from the city of Tijuana, and for suppliers of aeronautical equipment provisions for airports, performing merchandise inspection at the supplier's facilities.


We offer the importation of consumable goods for dairy cattle and, through our Transportation Service, we distribute the merchandise to the places selected by the customer.


Grupo Logix supports the Health Sector with the import of medical supplies and equipment, surgical material, laboratory equipment, raw material for medicine production, and donated organs.

We make sure that the merchandise is handled appropriately, and that it is transferred on time and if required, within the proper temperatures for its preservation.


Our company has developed expertise in textile industry operations;

And offers the correct classification of merchandise, as well as its inspection at the place indicated by the customer.

We do it for you.