Our services are comprehensive.

At Grupo LOGIX, our aim is not to provide a one-time service, we have made a decision to create comprehensive solutions that generate valuable relations for our customers.

Therefore, in addition to the traditional services of Temporary and Permanent Imports and Exports, and Special Operations, we offer the following:



Our team members have the training and the experience and offer absolute discretion in high security operations, such as Diplomatic Missions and Embassies imports.


The Transportation service for import, export and door-to-door shipping of our customers’ goods eliminates third party interventions.

Consequently, customers manage a single expense account in their foreign trade operations and operation logistics times are reduced creating a single channel of communication throughout the process.

Transportation service at Grupo Logix is C-TPAT certified and has highly trained personnel and GPS traceability technology.


In-house service allows the customers’ staff to work from our facilities, supervising and coordinating their merchandise operation.

So, customers keep in touch with the import process of their goods, anticipate and/or solve possible situations that could jeopardize the operation, and are directly supported by the Grupo LOGIX operations area.


The Import and Export service works together with Customs on a schedule from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.

The Extra Hours service consists of reception of goods in the warehouse for inspection in non-working hours, such as night, weekends, and holidays.

This is useful to our customers because it reduces merchandise dispatch times and it also makes urgent operations possible.


The Virtual Operations service is a facilitation scheme that consists of generating a simultaneous import and export operation that is carried out only in a documentary manner.

This way, a physical transfer of the goods to Customs is avoided, and it benefits our customers by reducing the logistics costs that could be generated by the transfer.


This service consists of the digitization and storage of necessary documents for the customs clearance of goods, which is shared with the Integral Automated Customs System and with the Customs Clearance systems, and has the purpose of eliminating paper.

By avoiding physical files by means of the declaration of e-documents, the risk of document destruction is annulled, and at the same time, the cutback on paper handling between Customs, Customs Agents, Transporters, Importers or Exporters, turns into savings in document storage costs.


This service consists of the transfer and operation of Grupo LOGIX personnel to where the customer indicates to inspect the goods in said facilities, letting us anticipate and/or solve possible inconsistencies that may put the operation at risk.

The handling of goods in the customer's’ warehouse improves communication between the customers and our staff, and streamlines the service, the attention, and the result.


Our customers are counseled so that they know the import and export process of their products, in order for the learning curve of the first operation to not be so high.

We guide them so that they know the tariff regulations and restrictions of their products prior to dispatch, reducing the complications and delays that could be generated.

This service expedites the dispatch process, answers questions that the customer may have, and foresees possible merchandise embargoes, fines, credits, etc.


Within our specialized services we have Classification of Goods.

Its purpose is to support the customer with tariff classifications and to complete the technical sheet with the specific characteristics of the goods.

As a result, questions are solved regarding tariff regulations and tariff restrictions to which the merchandise to be imported is subject to, avoiding inaccurate tariff classifications, fines, credits, and even merchandise embargoes.


This service allows the importation of merchandise of foreign origin into the rest of the country imported only for the border strip or region.


We have access to adequate and authorized facilities for the storage and control by the authorities of goods that are under the Customs Transit Regime in United States territory.


Our facilities are fully monitored by CCTV system, available for the protection of our customers’ merchandise.

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